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Current Visiting Scholars and
Visiting Entrepreneurs

Visiting Scholars

Francisco Royano - Visiting ScholarFrancisco Royano

Francisco Royano is a Researcher at the Environmental Hydraulics Institute "IH Cantabria", a joint research center at the University of Cantabria/Spain and the Foundation for Environmental Hydraulics Institute. As a visiting scholar at CCTEC, he is developing new collaborations between the University of Cantabria and Cornell University, especially in the fields of sustainability and technology transfer.

Francisco has a Bachelor's degree in Economics, University of Cantabria (Spain), and a Master of Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra. He has many years of experience in Public Sector Business Administration. He was Managing Director of the Regional Development Agency in Cantabria and was responsible for Corporate Strategy in the area of Renewable Ocean Energy. He is experienced in the creation of startups and clusters, and was a member of more than twenty Boards of Trustees at private and public companies.

View Francisco's presentation titled "Cornell University: Clean Energy Analysis".

Visiting Entrepreneurs

Steven Freidmutter - Visiting EntrepreneurSteven Freidmutter

Steven Freidmutter is a Visiting Entrepreneur at CCTEC, leveraging his knowledge and experience to promote Cornell innovations and technologies. Steven has had commercial successes in real estate development and financing, mainly in New York and Costa Rica. Prior to this, he was the Controller at a company that used Cornell-developed technology. He speaks English and Spanish and spends time in Ithaca, Austin, NYC, and Costa Rica.