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Entrepreneur Yellowpages

The CCTEC Entrepreneur Yellowpages are a collection of resources, companies, and organizations that provide services to assist in business development and entrepreneurship. We do not advocate for any of the following organizations, they are listed as a resource for entrepreneurs.

If you would like to suggest an addition to the yellowpages, please contact Laura Cima Salter at

Consulting - Biomedical Strategy for Discovery, Development, Regulatory, & Reimbursement

Global Pharma Consulting
  1. Global Pharma Consulting


    Global Pharma Consulting (GPC) was established to support small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. Expertise is provided to bring pharmaceutical products to a global market. GPC provides commercial manufacturing and logistics plans, with special expertise in US and EU launches.

mdi Consultants, Inc.
  1. mdi Consultants, Inc.


    mdi Consultants Inc. is a provider of quality assurance, regulatory compliance and clinical services to the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Food industries. The company provides clients with consulting services for FDA compliance, ISO compliance, FDA crisis intervention (e.g., FDA audit response, warning letters, product recall) and European regulatory compliance.

Consulting - IT Startups

  1. TechStrategyLabs


    TechStrategyLabs is an Information Technology (IT) Strategy Advisory and Incubation Firm. The firm provides advisory services to IT Suppliers (product/service vendors, startups and entrepreneurs) as well as to IT Consumers (CIO/CTO organizations) in order to leverage IT to drive value in the enterprise. TechStrategyLabs also provides capital to help startups launch themselves into mainstream suppliers of IT product offerings. The firm is founded by a Johnson School graduate and consists of senior professors from the Johnson School as advisors.

Consulting - PR, Marketing, Branding, Sales

Communigration, Inc.
  1. Communigration, Inc.


    Communigration, Inc., is a marketing firm, focused on helping business-to-business and technology companies. Communigration works on overall marketing strategies, as well as, implementing plans, programs and recommendations.

Holtzman Communications, LLC
  1. Holtzman Communications, LLC


    Holtzman Communications, LLC is a marketing and advertising company that specializes in strategy, branding, print, graphic design, web development, technical writing and public relations.

Inspired Professionals LLC
  1. Inspired Professionals LLC


    Inspired Professionals, LLC, provides entrepreneurs, attorneys, and physicians in private practice with IT guidance. IP can help ventures with business plans, financing, and growth strategies. The Inspired Professionals team includes physicians, engineers, scientists, attorneys, and other professionals, with experience in medical research, pharmaceutical companies, and entrepreneurial ventures. Their portfolio of services includes consultative education, video on-demand, Q&A advisors, and web-based tools.

  1. SPARK!


    SPARK! provides sales training, marketing guidance, and human resource strategies for companies. SPARK! consulting programs can look at a company

Cornell University Resources

Cornell Business & Technology Park
  1. Cornell Business & Technology Park


    The Cornell Business & Technology Park is the Ithaca area's premier suburban office and lab park, providing a first class environment for local, national and international office and research firms and providing an interface between Cornell University and the business community. A majority of the companies within the park are technology-based, many of which conduct award-winning research associated with or derived from Cornell.

Cornell Clinical & Translational</h3>
<h3>Science Center
  1. Cornell Clinical & Translational

    Science Center


    At the Weill Cornell Medical College, the Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) provides investigators with state-of-the-art resources for conducting clinical / translational research. The mission of the Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) is to provide an environment that allows optimal use of our considerable multi-institutional assets and the diversity of our patient population to move translational research seamlessly from bench to bedside and to the community. The CTSC acts as a conduit through which essential resources, technological tools and education programs for all partners can be efficiently shared and managed.

Cornell Consulting Group
  1. Cornell Consulting Group

    The Cornell Consulting Group is a student-run, nonprofit organization that offers strategy consulting services to regional business, non-profit organizations, and government entities. CCG

Cornell Digital Print Services
  1. Cornell Digital Print Services


    Cornell Digital Print Services provides cost-effective, high-quality copying and digital color printing services to university departments and individuals. Scanning and storage services are also available.

Cornell Entrepreneur Network
  1. Cornell Entrepreneur Network

    The Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN) is the university's multi-city business networking program. With ~100 events per year, CEN offers alumni the opportunity to learn from world-class speakers and meet fellow Cornellians with similar business motivations. Visit CEN's web site to see a list of upcoming events.

Cornell Entrepreneurship and</h3>
<h3>Innovation Institute
  1. Cornell Entrepreneurship and

    Innovation Institute


    The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute (EII) is Johnson's new hub for education, research, collaboration, and programs in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. EII's mission is to foster these fields' three most critical components: knowledge, networking, and opportunity. Together, the components form a robust, comprehensive menu for engagement among all current and aspiring stakeholders in our entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem: students, faculty, alumni, entrepreneurs, business leaders, inventors, technologists, investors, advisors, mentors, and researchers.

Cornell NanoScale Science & </h3>
<h3>Technology Facility
  1. Cornell NanoScale Science &

    Technology Facility


    The Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF) is a national user facility that supports a broad range of nanoscale science and technology projects by providing state-of-the-art resources coupled with expert staff support.

  1. Entrepreneurship@Cornell


    Entrepreneurship@Cornell (E@C) works will all schools, colleges and organizations to help create and promote entrepreneurship education, events, commercialization and experiential earning opportunities. E@C's vision is to support a diverse group of university-wide activities that find and foster the entrepreneurial spirit in every Cornell participant -- in every college, every field, and every stage of life.

Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for</h3>
<h3> Venture Development in the Life</h3>
  1. Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for

    Venture Development in the Life



    The Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences assists selected early-stage Cornell Life Sciences companies through development and implementation of an incubation program, which focuses on building the company's management team, business plan, and development of its initial product. Programs can include residency in the Center's incubator facility at Weill Hall on the Ithaca campus, which features wet labs, shared laboratory equipment, offices, conference rooms, and access to University resources.

Startup Suite
  1. Startup Suite

    The Johnson School provides a complete suite of entrepreneurship services: capital, consulting and counsel. Johnson School students, together with Cornell law students, deliver these services and have responsibility for managing these entities under the guidance of faculty advisors.

    • BR Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital fund focused on providing funding to early-stage, high-growth businesses.
    • BR Incubator offers commercial and strategic consulting to start-up companies, helping them bridge the gap between business idea and company growth.
    • BR Legal provides affordable, professional-quality legal services to new ventures.
    • BR MicroCapital offers business advising and lending services to needs-based local entrepreneurs. BR MicroCapital is based at the Johnson School's Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise in partnership with a local credit union.

Cornell Venture Challenge

  1. Cornell Venture Challenge

    The Cornell Venture Challenge provides a way for Cornell-affiliated individuals and current students and faculty at other universities to take their first step toward turning an idea into a viable business. The competition is sponsored by BR Venture Fund (BRV), a student-run venture capital fund at Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management. CCTEC provides matching prizes for the winners who submit a disclosure to our office prior to the preliminary deadline.

Economic Development Agencies

CenterState Corporation for</h3>
<h3>Economic Opportunity
  1. CenterState Corporation for

    Economic Opportunity


    CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity (CEO) is a non-profit regional growth organization serving individuals, businesses, and communities across twelve counties in the heart of New York State. CenterState CEO works to achieve economic growth and prosperity through partnerships, planning, and problem-solving. It identifies key issues of importance to its members, focuses on their collective vision; sets the regional economic development agenda; communicates business priorities to community leaders; pursues strategic investments; and responds to meaningful opportunities for the benefit of the region. For more information on CenterState CEO's "Grants for Growth" program, click here.

New York City Economic</h3>
<h3>Development Corporation
  1. New York City Economic

    Development Corporation


    The New York City Economic Development Corporation fosters economic growth and developing programs that help businesses and entire business sectors achieve success. Their work helps create jobs and positions New York City for future growth while improving the quality of life.

New York State Small Business</h3>
<h3>Development Center
  1. New York State Small Business

    Development Center


    The New York State Small Business Development Center (New York SBDC) provides expert management and technical assistance to start-up and existing businesses across the state.

Tompkins County Area Development
  1. Tompkins County Area Development


    TCAD works to builds a thriving and sustainable economy that improves the quality of life in Tompkins County by fostering the growth of business and employment. While working with business, not-for-profit, higher education, and public sector organizations, TCAD assists in the formation, retention, expansion, and attraction of target businesses. TCAD offers financial assistance, technical assistance, and real estate development services.

Graphic & Web Design/Development

Ancient Wisdom Productions, Inc.
  1. Ancient Wisdom Productions, Inc.


    Ancient Wisdom Productions, Inc., is a full-service design shop. They offer web site design, print design, audio, video, and branding and identity services.

Assante Design
  1. Assante Design


    Assante Design specializes in brand development, graphic design, flash animation, and web development and hosting.

Bentley Hoke, LLC
  1. Bentley Hoke, LLC


    Bentley Hoke, LLC, is a web consultancy located in Syracuse, NY. Bentley Hoke creates web sites, internet-based applications, and email campaigns for clients.



    GORGES is a software and web development firm located in Ithaca, NY that provides technology solutions for businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies including browser-based applications, database development, mobile application development, e-commerce systems, custom software development, and application programming.

Internet Marketing Magicians, LLC
  1. Internet Marketing Magicians, LLC


    Internet Marketing Magicians, LLC, specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses maximize their presence on the Internet. The company does this through conversion optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital and content marketing campaigns, pay per click optimization/campaign management, and smart SEO web design/CMS/ecommerce development.

Pinckney Hugo Group
  1. Pinckney Hugo Group


    Pinckney Hugo Group is a full-service marketing communications agency providing strategic marketing direction, creative, media planning, and public relations services for a wide variety of consumer and business-to-business clients.

St. John Design Group
  1. St. John Design Group


    St. John Design Group is a multidisciplinary design agency that focuses on product development, exhibit design, and graphic design.

World Design Group, Inc.
  1. World Design Group, Inc.


    World Design Group, Inc., is a full service web application and design firm that specializes in providing web sites and online tools for scientific and technology organizations.


Big Red Venture Fund
  1. Big Red Venture Fund

    BR Venture Fund (BRV) is Johnson's early stage venture capital fund. The fund is operated by a team of MBA students from Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Cayuga Venture Fund
  1. Cayuga Venture Fund


    Cayuga Venture Fund is based in Ithaca, NY. Since 1994, CVF has been working to create and establish a thriving community of leading edge, high tech start-up companies in Ithaca and upstate New York by providing the necessary capital and other resources they need to grow and prosper. CVF has a history of opportunistic investing across a wide variety of industry sectors. Many of its companies have a strong Cornell University technology connection.

Cornell Angel Network
  1. Cornell Angel Network

    Cornell Angel Network brings together new businesses based on licensed Cornell technology or founded by Cornellians and Cornellians who are accredited investors with an interest in investing in new businesses related to Cornell.

Cornell Venture Capitalists
  1. Cornell Venture Capitalists

    This comprehensive directory lists Cornell alumni in the venture capital industry.

Excell Partners, Inc.
  1. Excell Partners, Inc.


    Excell Partners, Inc., is a unique regional economic development partnership established in cooperation with the University of Rochester and the State of New York to manage a state-supported fund which provides pre-seed and seed stage financing to high-tech start-up companies in the Upstate New York region.

Golden Seeds
  1. Golden Seeds


    Founded in 2004, Golden Seeds began as a simple angel investing group. Golden Seeds has been purposefully recast into a disciplined investment organization. Today, with locations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, their 100+ investors aid in all phases of the investment process with their resources and expertise.

Seed Capital Fund of CNY, LLC
  1. Seed Capital Fund of CNY, LLC

    Seed Capital Fund of CNY, LLC, members invest in and guide early stage technology companies in Syracuse and Central/Upstate New York. Their goal is to create wealth for investors and assist the region

Job Posting Sites

Go Big Network
  1. Go Big Network


    Nicknamed the "Craigslist for startups", Go Big Network is a one stop shop for startup firms to find funding, post positions, and get expert advice.

One Day, One Internship
  1. One Day, One Internship

    One Day, One Internship is a web site, e-mail newsletter, and RSS feed for internship seekers. Every day, One Day, One Internship profiles a new employer and the internships that they are offering for college students. One Day, One Internship often covers startups in its daily editorials, and it also offers targeted recruitment advertising and consulting services for employers who are seeking interns.

One Day, One Job
  1. One Day, One Job

    One Day, One Job is a web site, e-mail newsletter, and RSS feed for entry level job seekers. Every day, One Day, One Job profiles a new entry level employer and the jobs that they are offering for recent college graduates, while also occasionally publishing in-depth articles on how to use online tools to bring innovation to the job search. One Day, One Job often covers startups in its daily editorials, and it also offers targeted recruitment advertising and consulting services for employers.

  1. VentureLoop

    VentureLoop is the worldwide leader in job postings focused on venture-backed startup companies.

Media & Video Services

Insights International, Inc.
  1. Insights International, Inc.


    Insights International, Inc. is a professional independent video production company. Their services include video and audio design, scripting, transcoding, shooting, picture research, animation, editing, voiceover, and encoding. Multiple languages and formats are available.

Prendismo, LLC
  1. Prendismo, LLC


    Prendismo, LLC, is home to the world's premiere collection of digital video content on business, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Founded in July 2008, Prendismo has developed innovative and provocative ways to share an extensive collection of over 12,000 videos and podcasts on business insight. In addition to being a business resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners, Prendismo's content is currently used by publishers and information companies to expand their existing asset bases and enliven print- and web-based products.


Business CENTS
  1. Business CENTS

    877.273.2328 x 718

    Business CENTS is a comprehensive small business development resource center open to everyone in the community. Business CENTS offers classes and workshops, consultation and coaching, networking and mentoring opportunities, and many other resources for business owners and self-employed persons at all stages and in all professions. Services include assessing your small business

Finger Lakes Entrepreneurs' Forum
  1. Finger Lakes Entrepreneurs' Forum


    Finger Lakes Entrepreneurs' Forum (FLEF) is an organization for and by entrepreneurs covering Ithaca and the surrounding areas of Upstate New York. The mission of FLEF is to provide a mechanism by which entrepreneurs and others concerned with growing enterprises can meet regularly to exchange information.

General Assembly
  1. General Assembly

    General Assembly has created a multi-faceted campus to serve the needs of high-potential entrepreneurs and advance the startup ecosystem in New York. Their community not only has a place in which to collaborate, but also take advantage of a new kind of learning-by-doing. Through their curriculum, entrepreneurs will receive a pragmatic and multi-disciplinary education at the intersection of technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

KensaGroup, LLC
  1. KensaGroup, LLC


    KensaGroup, LLC, is a private equity company that commercializes leading edge platform discoveries from universities and corporate research laboratories within the framework of startup ventures.

MedTech Association
  1. MedTech Association


    MedTech Association is a not-for-profit regional trade association comprised of Upstate New York technology manufacturers, research institutions, allied professional services, and economic development organizations with shared interests in collaboratively developing technologies, products, and services for the global medical products marketplace.

NYC MedTech
  1. NYC MedTech

    NYC MedTech is a professional platform that assists many different collaborators in the life science, biotech, device and pharma industries have successful outcomes. This unique program not only brings together companies and investors but all people that are involved from reporters, scientists, academia, trade organizations, international partners et. al. Their program introduces participants with timely relevant introductions whether through the website, email or the personal touch at the NYC MedTech Forum.

NYC Tech Connect
  1. NYC Tech Connect


    NYC Tech Connect launched in January 2011 as a public-private partnership funded jointly by the New York City Investment Fund, the Partnership for New York City and the New York City Council. Their mission is to foster the development of a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem in NYC in the hard sciences (including bioscience, engineering, cleantech and material science). Through collaboration with Universities and strategic partners, NYC Tech Connect provides programs, expertise and resources designed to accelerate the development of entrepreneurs and their resulting technology startups.

The Entrepreneurs Network
  1. The Entrepreneurs Network


    The mission of The Entrepreneurs Network is to promote job growth and enhance new business creation in Upstate New York's technology sector by providing area entrepreneurs with practical, hands-on education and training programs, as well as, access to those resources critical for building successful new ventures.

Upstate Venture Association of</h3>
<h3>New York, Inc.
  1. Upstate Venture Association of

    New York, Inc.


    With a focus on education, events and advocacy, the Upstate Venture Association of New York, Inc. (UVANY) seeks to advance the number, scale, and quality of private equity investments across New York State. Working with entrepreneurs, companies seeking funding, private equity firms and professionals, UVANY strives to improve deal flow and facilitate greater availability of capital for all investment stages.

Upstate Venture Connect
  1. Upstate Venture Connect


    Upstate Venture Connect's mission is to catalyze the creation of thousands of high-tech, high-growth, private capital backed companies that will provide entrepreneurial opportunities for a new generation of highly educated and highly skilled talent. Through coordinated programs and their interactive web-based platform (Vconnect) UVC seeks to create a mega community of individuals and institutions committed to growing equity funded businesses across the Upstate region.

Prototype Design & Manufacturing

Advanced Design Consulting</h3>
<h3>USA, Inc.
  1. Advanced Design Consulting

    USA, Inc.


    Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc., is organized and structured to provide technical services to all types of clients from small scientific entrepreneurs to universities, government agencies, and private industries. The firm

Crowley Fabricating &</h3>
<h3>Machining Co., Inc.
  1. Crowley Fabricating &

    Machining Co., Inc.


    Crowley Fabricating & Machining Co. Inc., located in Endicott, NY, provides a manufacturing outlet for entrepreneurs that have creative ideas, but lack the means to manufacture them. With high end programming, ability to work with most metals, and detailed machining, Crowley is capable of prototyping new parts. Crowley also provides standard Tooling and Fixturing, Waterjet Cutting, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Wire Work, and Sheet Metal Fabrication, along with advanced Inspection services.

Globe Medical Tech, Inc.
  1. Globe Medical Tech, Inc.


    Globe Medical Tech, Inc., provides turnkey solutions for clients that have manufacturing and prototype design needs. Globe offers patent technology development based on patent concept, product design, assemble functional prototype/sample, injection molding, final product manufacturing, and marketing. Their customers include inventors and established medical device companies that are seeking a partner who can provide cost-effective engineering and manufacturing services.

Smart System Technology &</h3>
<h3>Commercialization Center
  1. Smart System Technology &

    Commercialization Center


    The Smart System Technology & Commercialization Center (STC) is a vertically integrated "one-stop-shop" for smart systems' device development and process manufacturing. Located outside Rochester, NY, the 140,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art STC facility includes over 50,000 square feet of certified cleanroom space with 150mm wafer production, complemented by a dedicated 8,000-square-foot MEMS and optoelectronic packaging facility.

  1. Washburn Manufacturing


    9828 State Route 96
    Trumansburg, NY 14886

    Washburn manufactures custom machinery tools and general machinery.

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