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Cornell Startup, Empire Robotics, Inc., to Start Shipping Versaball Gripper in September

Empire Robotics plans to start shipping the Versaball Gripper, a soft attachment for steel robot arms that contours to the shape of the object it is trying to pick up and can clench without crushing, in September.

License Granted to Cornell Startup, Angiocrine Bioscience, Inc., May Lead to New Therapies for Blood Disorders

Angiocrine Bioscience, a biotech company focused on applying vascular biology to new therapeutic applications and developer of the VeraVec™ technology platform, has licensed the rights to a new technology from Weill Cornell Medical College that converts a patient’s own endothelial cells directly into blood stem cells capable of treating a variety of diseases with fewer risks than using blood from a donor.

Adapt-N from Cornell Startup, Agronomic Technology Corporation, Reduces Emissions and Saves Crops

Adapt-N, a software program that assists farmers in determining how and when to apply nitrogen fertilizer to their fields, could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect crops, and save farmers money.

Cornell Chemical Engineers Achieve Battery Breakthrough

In the race for safer, longer-lasting batteries to power the world’s automobiles, cell phones, computers, and autonomous robots, Cornell engineers have discovered a method to potentially extend the daily cycle life of a rechargeable lithium battery by up to a factor of 10.

Cornell Grapes in Two Winning Varietals at 2014 New York Wine & Food Classic

Lucas Vineyards’ 2013 Cayuga White took home “Best Cayuga” and 2013 Traminette from Thirsty Owl Wine Company took home “Best Traminette” at the 2014 New York Wine & Food Classic. Both ‘Cayuga White’ and ‘Traminette’ are wine grapes that were developed by Cornell’s grape breeding program. 

Cornell Tech's Rajit Manohar Helps Design IBM 'Brain Chip'

Manohar, associate dean for academic affairs at Cornell Tech and professor of electrical and computer engineering, pioneered the design methodology for a new IBM computer chip inspired by the human brain.

Relmada Therapeutics, Licensee of Cornell's D-methadone, Completes Company Name Change, Announces New Ticker

Relmada, a clinical-stage company developing novel therapies for the treatment of chronic pain including D-methadone from Cornell, has completed a name change from Camp Nine, Inc. to Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. and has been assigned a new trading symbol, RLMD.

Brush From Cornell Startup, Immunovent, LLC, May Replace Allergy Pricks

Immunovent has developed a less painful and possibly more accurate allergy test using a brush to collect cells from inside the cheek and nose and tests them with its Local Antibody Mucosal Brush Diagnostic (LAMB-Dx), a method which may replace uncomfortable and often unreliable prick tests.

Goose Watch Winery First in the Nation to Release 'Aromella' Wine

Goose Watch announces the release of 2013 Aromella, a varietal wine made from grapes developed at Cornell University. 2013 Aromella is an aromatic semi-dry white wine with distinctive characteristics that boasts some of the favored flavors from the Muscat grape used in the trending Moscatos such as peaches and tropical fruits, but with less sweetness.

Cornell Scientists Have Discovered A New Player in Lipid Metabolism

Researchers have discovered a novel function of a gene involved in the clearance of misfolded proteins in fat cells, SEL1L, showing that it also serves as a regulator of lipid metabolism.

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